List Of Guys I have Fallen In Love With :P

I know what you thinking okay and let me tell you frankly, I don’t like your thinking πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


Anyway, So after having named my blog in the most inappropriate sense of meaning that totally degrades my character in all possible thinking, I shall waste no more time in presenting to you my list of guys that I have fallen in love with and why.

The first name that comes to my mind is, Β Mr. Darcy. He is that quiet, well-mannered, less spoken yet romantic character from the novel, Pride And Prejudice Β who is not much of a social person and cannot express his love directly. But there is such a lot of grace in his character, the respect he holds and the way he behaves with women. It makes me fall in love with this character so much.

The next name that comes up is Daniel from the novel, “Fallen.” This character has made me spend sleepless night because all I could do was make pictures of his image in my mind. The character has been so well described in the novel that you feel like grabbing it out from the book. His arrogant behavior in the start of the story, the way he ignores the girl and the way he keeps making her jealous sometimes (not on purpose…) is definitely the type of my insterest πŸ™‚

Then there is Edward Cullen of course from the novel, “Twilight” for whom I need no words. But my love for him was short lived. It started from the first Novel, “Twilight” and I lost all the love with the second novel. So when I read the 3rd and 4th installment, I just read it for the sake of knowing how it ended up. lol

OMG I will never be able to forget Romeo from the novel, “Romeo Juliet.” He is the person I have fallen in love with a long while ago and it keeps growing πŸ™‚ The novel just cannot be described in words and the character Romeo plays is extra ordinarily amazing, romantic, charming and aaahh πŸ™‚ I love the street boy character that he plays.

And oh I must also mention Antony from the play, “Julius Caesar.” Why Antony and not Caesar? (you see love is blind… it fell for him… what cud i do πŸ˜› ). I loved his character because of the final speech that he delivers where he talks against Caesar but does it in the manner that it shows the True Image of Caesar in front of the Roman Masses and turns them against the people who killed him.

Very smart Antony… Now that is called quick intelligence.

So now you all know all the guys I have been and I still am in love with…

Ssshhhhhh….. Dont Β tell anyone. Its a secret between me and THE WORLD… lol haha

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11 thoughts on “List Of Guys I have Fallen In Love With :P

  1. You love Edward Cullen? hahahaahaaaa
    BTW you forgt characters from VSU and Jude novels 😦

  2. uzma

    well.. i knew that what guys they gonna be…hmm ok so a guy whom u will should have joined qualities of these 4 characters…they r actually hints…lol

  3. okay….I am still not over Edward. I love the way he loves her!

  4. Very interesting!

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