How I Fixed My Mobile Lock/Unlock Button…ROFL…Ur Gonna Love This

My current out of the world, out-dated and so-out-of-technology mobile, Nokia 5530 started troubling from the past few days. Not to mention that it has undergone multiple falling accidents. Anyway,

The main trouble I was having was its Lock/Unlock button at the right side. I had to push it down several times if I wanted to lock or unlock it.

And then you know how annoying it is when you want to make an urgent call or text or someone is giving you his number (someone tall, dark and handsome with a seductive voice and charming personality… may be eh???  nah em kidding) and it takes you ages just to get your phone unlocked.

So today as I pathetically looked at my cell phone while trying to open its lock (its been 2 minutes and still haven’t been able to unlock it) and idea stuck in my head.

For those of you who have read ” Would You Ever Freeze Your Mobile Phone“, you will know how my ideas are. They are unexplained, funny, stupid, weird and GOOFY ideas that I do to just for fun….lol… (Yeah I am sure I must have looked like this when the idea popped),

Goofy Idea Bulb

The idea that popped goofily in my head was to blow into my cell phone where the lock/unlock button is. Just like you blow into a harmonica. LOL yes just like that…. (now your getting the picture…dont you …. lol)

The concept behind this idea was that may be there is something stuck inside that’s coming in the way when button is pushed. So I took my cell phone, held it close like a harmonica and blew once. Then twice and then thrice. ( Yes…The odd number mantra again).

Then I try to lock and unlock it.



**drum roll**

The mobile locked and unlocked in the first attempt… : ) 🙂 🙂


So if you got a similar problem, just hold your phone like a harmonica and blow into it. It will work just fine. But remember the ODD NUMBER MANTRA… looool…

(And Yes I know I need to change my mobile to something new. Thank you for thinking in your mind 😛 😛 😛 )

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11 thoughts on “How I Fixed My Mobile Lock/Unlock Button…ROFL…Ur Gonna Love This

  1. Yar I have 6-7 mobiles “jo k repair nhi ho skte”. Un pe bhi koi experiment kr k chalo do unhain.

    • LOL haha. Why not. I have plenty of more goofy ideas. And my odd number mantra has never failed me lol

  2. uzma

    this page will someday become scrap ideas for mobile problems…lol

    • No em planning to start another page called “ash-fix-yard” for mobiles. 🙂

  3. moiz sheikh

    i have some mobiles too aisha….. when ever i’ll come to your place i must bring those mobiles with me 🙂

    • ummm okay sure. I will have to do some Goofy Meditation first but I guess I can do that for you 🙂

      • moiz sheikh

        hope they’ll not gonna be more severe patient

        • I have a very clean fixing history 😛

          • moiz sheikh

            hahaha thats what u know…… 🙂 not anyone else… goofy mobile mechanic 😀

            • How about if i told you that I have once fixed my computer (which was declared dead by my bro) using my goofy tricks?

              • moiz sheikh

                thats a great idea… lets start new blog about that 🙂

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