7 Days Challenge – Goes In Drain… LMFAO…

Cute Sad White Puppy Dog

Yesternight I took up a ” 7 Days Challenge – No Sweets No Chocolates No Deserts 😦 ” and after I posted the blog I had to scream out loud (if you think I am exaggerating…. well No… i seriously screamed WHAT THE EF HAVE I DONE.)

Because I remembered that having complained all day long for sweet, my Mom had brought Carrots (yes its Carrot season) to make Carrot Confection for me. I asked her to make lots and keep it in the fridge so that my late night, on and off time, no time, every time cravings for sweet could be handled.

Today morning when I got up, My Mom had made Pancakes for me and I screamed again OH MY GOD, whatever em I gonna do now.

Oh you think I am such a weak person??? Well I got a strong will okay and I refused to have the Pancakes and just went about with my cup of tea and a buttered toast.

Then it was evening and my Mom was making the Carrot Confection…ahhhhh that smell was so delightful… The aroma, that sweet sweet sweet pleasant smell of an intoxicating feeling was making the butterflies in my stomach go wild crazy….


And as I write this blog, I must let you know that I am sitting with the Carrot Confection (made extra sweet on my demand) right next to me from which I am galloping spoon fulls into my mouth…My mom has twice scolded me for having taken so much all at once.

Oh c’mon people have a heart. She worked so hard to make this desert for me ( not to forget that I did all the shredding and cutting) but yet again have a heart people…. How can I let go all the love my dear old mother (she is still young…i said old to arouse that feeling lol) has put in making this desert for me…

How can I ever deny her after so much love? LOL

The desert is seriously awesome… *takes another spoon full*…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh sugar is such a sweet thing… How in the world shall I ever stay without it….


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4 thoughts on “7 Days Challenge – Goes In Drain… LMFAO…

  1. Moiz SHeikh

    oh wow and m gonna eat dairy milk ..yummmmyyyy yummmyyyyy…

  2. uzma

    lol..i knew that dear..:p

    • Girl in veil

      i have a heart ash really a big one, so from my side “don’t you ever try to take challenge ok i will never forgive you”

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