7 Days Challenge – No Sweets No Chocolates No Deserts :(

Assorted Chocolates And Sweets

I have a real sweet tooth and recently I traveled back to a place where the sweets aren’t the same quality and taste, they are locally made and the good ones are hard to get. Since past 3 days I have been having serious cravings for sweet and by the time its evening I want to eat something sweet and delightful.

I remember all the deserts I have had in the last place…. The dark chocolate fudge cake,  Galaxy Dark Chocolate, Kit-Kat, Smarties, Strawberry Cheese Cake, DARK DARK DARK CHOCOLATE.

And it’s terribly annoying that I can’t find them here so I have spent the past 2 days making French Toast with lots n lots of sugar to kill my sweet craving and the day back with some home-made Carrot Confection for which I had to go all the way to an aunt’s place. LOL

That has made me realize how craved I am for sweets. And this has made me ask myself “WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE SWEETS,” “Would I survive without sweets?”

And in the same realization, I have put myself on a 7 days Challenge. I was thinking of one month but, Just the thought of one month without sweets, scares me hell a lot. HAHA

So for the next 7 days, I will have no sweets, no deserts, no chocolates. Just 2 spoons of sugar in my early tea for health reasons… ( If my sugar level drops, my head starts spinning and all…)

And the challenge begins….
I hope I survive 😦 😦 😦

Don’t worry sweets and deserts and chocolates…. Its gonna b all okay… Mommy is gonna be fine and she will be back soon… Don’t worry my loved ones.

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6 thoughts on “7 Days Challenge – No Sweets No Chocolates No Deserts :(

  1. uzma

    best of luck 🙂
    hey its for sweets and chocolates ..lol

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  3. Carly

    I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately & I’ve been avoiding chocolate (my love) & other crappy snacks that I like including cookies, donuts, all kinds of chips, sugary muffins, etc…
    For a snack I’ve been trying to eat rice cake w/ peanut butter, cup a fruit or an apple, cottage cheese, string cheese, carrots & some dip or anything else that is on the healthier side. I’ve been keeping this up for about 2 weeks now & I would give ANYTHING for just a taste of chocolate on my tongue! Its hard but anybody can do it if they really try… Good luck all!! 🙂

    • Wow. You are really strong willed. I am not that strong when it comes to sweets. Just recently ate lots and lots of Donuts. Chips and chocolates are my usual late night snack.


    GOOD IDEA !!

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