The Air That Refreshes My Mind And Soul…

Mountain View From The Balcony

Its those times of the year, when I am totally exhausted with the monotonous routine of my life. Online work can be fascinating in the start but as it continues, it starts draining you.

I am glued to my laptop like a fly on a spiders web.So ironically I am a fly glued to the web (internet).

I get up, wash my face, fill my cup of tea and bring it over to my desk. The only moments I get off is for lunch, dinner and sleep (late at night…very very late at night…sometimes early morning). Yes yes that too. I just didn’t want to mention the RestRoom here you know. But darn you just have to question me for it. LOL.

Yes mom I will have my evening cup of chocolate coffee right on my desk…. No. I don’t want to come in the living room. NO MOM I don’t want the cookies. Just my coffee right here on my desk. Thank You.

Then there are so many other worries inside me. So many un-shared feelings that eat me…


This is really exhausted…

That’s when I walk outside my house and go to my balcony. 

There are a few houses in front of me but I stretch my sight further towards the line of mountains that run right in front. The sky above it. Sometimes with the clouds and sometimes clear.

I stand there looking at the mountains and the sky and for some moments, all work drains out from my mind. I forget work, I forget laptop and I forgot where I came from.

Calm, peace and positive energy slowly fill me and push away all the worry, tension, pains, work etc etc out.

I take a DEEP BREATH of the calming air.

It works like magic.

It energizes me like a Red Bull….Gives me wings… LOL… It clarifies my mind… Purifies my soul and most of all… I reminds me that there is world beyond my cocoon… A world that Allah has created… Which is beautiful, pure and refreshing…. It brings me closer to Allah and all I do is thank Allah for such a beautiful life.


I turn back to go inside the house….

The calm, peace and positive energy moves out and worry, tension, pains, work etc slowly take me again as I walk inside my house….

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2 thoughts on “The Air That Refreshes My Mind And Soul…

  1. uzma

    yes right…i think atleast once in a day its very necessary to sit ALONE in the fresh balcony,roof or besides the window…:)

    • Girl in veil

      ya fresh air is necessary, i explore my insight and inside both through nature and that that energy u can easily see in my poerty:-)

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