Journey To The Past Year…

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As 2011 comes to an end, my mind is taking me back to a long ride to the past year. I must admit that this journey can turn very devastating and of all the things I have been through I can say that by the end of this ride, I will be broken into a million pieces, shattered like a glass and lost in the mist.

No I don’t want to journey back to 2011. NO NO NO PLEASE DON’T…. STOP IT…

nooooooo…..wait…. don’t take me there…. I am scared… I can’t go through everything once again….

But my mind wouldn’t listen to me…

And so begins the journey…

aaahhhh I see those nights that I have spent all alone in pain… Crying in silence as the people around me go deep in sleep…. I am clinging tight to my pillow… Tears rolling down my cheeks into my pillow…Here comes the morning and my eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep and crying….Ouch…. that’s those days where I went through so much, I could hardly breath the air of a life.

So much pain… so many tears…. so many unspoken words… so many unfulfilled dreams… so many broken relationships…

I have lost so much that I can’t even evaluate the loss in words.

This has definitely been the WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE…


What’s That???

I see something…

no no Go back…. go back to the start….


My Nephew… His smiles… The moment he was born… I was the first person in the family to see him… He looked like an angel… So weak, so delicate and so beautiful…

The time he first opened his eyes and looked at me… The time I took him into my arms and sang him lullaby late at nights while his mother rested after a critical operation… Oh and the time when he gave his first fragile smile….

OH GOD… I can feel the butterflies in my stomach even now that I think of it…

HAHAHA…. OMG…. See that??? He vomited all over me.YEWWWWWKKKKKKK isn’t it. As disgusting as it sounds at this moment, but I can see myself smiling as I kiss my nephew.

And my own BABY??? Glamzzle.Com… I got my baby this year and how hard I have been trying to take care of it. Working on it day and night. The first 100 visitors of my site and soon those 100s turned into thousands. How much I jumped at those moments when my Baby starting prospering.

The happiness and joy that filled my house when my parents became Grandpa and Grandma.

All the sweets that my bro used to get on every occasion. My nephews birth day. His first smile. His first potty training day 🙂 . His first walker walk, his first tooth, his first word. I enjoyed all those sweets, chocolates, cakes and splendid treats that my bro got me.

The sparkle in my dad’s eyes, when he used to come from office and the first thing he would want to do is take his Grandson in his arms.

My journey now coming to an end… My ride slowly getting to a stop… So how was my journey of 2011? 

I have lost so much that I cannot express in words but what I have got is more than what I have lost… I have so many reasons to thank Allah for giving me such a beautiful and wonderful life… For having given me, my nephew.

I may have lost a lot but what I have got is incomparable to the loss and hence I find no reason to complain. My heart will only THANK ALLAH for such a beautiful year…..

If I was given a chance to re-live my life…. I wouldn’t have it any other way….

Alhamdullillah For Everything That Happened in 2011.

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One thought on “Journey To The Past Year…

  1. uzma

    yup we think that every year takes so much from us..but if we start counting those little happy moments thn we realize that it gives alot at the same time…
    n i pray that whatever u have lost may ALLAH gives u back in a more fine form..:)

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