A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…

Hello Everyone,

I have been going through so many blog sites and I must admit that every blogger has captivated me in his/her own unique style of words and creativity. I have found an edge in each blogger and all those bloggers whose posts I have “Liked”, you guys have truly given me words that inspire me, fascinate me and nurture my mind.

I realized that there are so many bloggers who are yet to be discovered.

So I decided that I will start a contest that will help us discover each other and also help us know as many bloggers as we can 🙂

“Picture Worth Your Words” Contest. 

Picture Worth Your Words Contest Aisha's Scrapyard

You will be given a picture and you will have to write what ever comes in your mind after looking at the picture. It can be a poem, a blog, a free style poem, a story, a dialogue etc etc….. Just any style you like… That’s your own choice.

Contest Dates: 

1. On 6th of January, 2012, I will start the official contest through a Post.
2. You will have 10 days to  do the working. 
4. Closing date of the Contest will be 16th of January, 2012.  
5. Results will be announced on 26th of January, 2012… MY BIRTHDAY… yay meee… lol

How To Participate:

1. If you are interested, please leave a message in the comment box so that I can have a link to your Blog Page and others may also visit your page to see the contestants.
2. Please subscribe/follow so that you get an email alert when I start the Contest in case you forget 🙂

Rules Of The Contest :

1. Make Contest Entries in your own blog site as a New Post and then link back that page on the Official Contest Page.
2. Insert the Picture Promt in your Post.
3. Comment on at least 5 other Contest Entries that you liked…(Hopefully we will get that many entries).
4. Share the links of the 5 Contest Entries that you like on your own Contest Entry Page.

Rules will be posted again on the Official Contest Page so that it becomes clear and easy.

That’s All 🙂 🙂 🙂

Remember this contest is only so that we all can get to know each other and discover more bloggers. So Please do forward this page to as many bloggers as you know because the more entries, the more bloggers will know you. 

So what do you guys think of this idea???
Don’t let me down 😦
*Make Puppy Dog Face With Sparkly Bambi Eyes.* 

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10 thoughts on “A Contest Coming Up… Participate And Spread The Fire…

  1. Sounds fun!!

  2. I’m up to it. Sounds fun!

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  4. Count me in mate.

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  6. Freedom, by the way

    Sound like fun. Count me in! My blog is probably not the typical writer’s blog–I am writer, but my blog is primarily political opinion–with separate category for posts on “writing” and a page of Small Town Tales. I hope this doesn’t disqualify me off the the bat. (I don’t have time to keep up with two blogs right now!) I am a marketing copywriter by t trade, but I am pursuing creative writing as time permits!

  7. ahmadkhalifa

    sign me up 😀 https://a7madkhalifa.wordpress.com

    • Signed 🙂
      Please submit your entry before 16th. Thank you and All the best 🙂

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