Would You Ever Freeze Your Mobile Phone?

Frozen Phone In Freezer

Few days back my cousin told me his Mobile Phone wouldn’t start. It was dead for a long while now. He was using his other Mobile but had important data in this dead phone and wanted it. When I went to his house, I inspected his mobile with all possible measures to make it start.

We were all cousins and having fun is what we do. We take simple of the things to a new level of fun and we were doing the same with my cousins Dead Mobile Phone.

Removed Battery.
Re-inserted it.
Tried another battery.
Recharged it.

So then we declared it had some severe motherboard fault.

I told my cousin to try a Crazy Trick and throw the cell on the floor 3 times. LOL haha yes. 🙂 I told him to throw it hard on the carpeted floor.

BANG… The cell was dropped on floor once. Twice…He hesitated to throw it again the third time but I insisted that we should make an odd number. At least 3 hits…BANG… The cell was dropped third time and then we tried restarting it but it did not come to life.

So I came up with another Super Awesome Extreme Crazy Trick…

I told him to keep his Mobile Phone in the freezer for the night. OMG LOL… All my cousins burst into laughter… One of them suggested that usually its supposed to be kept in the Sun.

But I demanded an over night freezer for the Mobile Phone. And so it was going to happen coz I SAID SO. NO ARGUMENTS.

We removed the battery and the sim and the Mobile was put into the freezer.

The next morning when he took his phone out, inserted the sim and the battery and restarted the phone, IT STARTED WORKING 🙂 🙂 :)…

It was such a funny moment for all the cousins because I actually came up with the Freezer prescription just out of random crazy thinking to make us all laugh.

So if your Mobile Phone goes dead, make sure you throw it on the floor ( Remember to throw it in the odd number only, else it wouldn’t work 😛 ) and then keep it in the freezer over night.



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5 thoughts on “Would You Ever Freeze Your Mobile Phone?

  1. uzma

    OMG…really???? awesome…great!!!!:-)

  2. Moiz Sheikh

    becharawwww mobile 😀

  3. Girl in veil

    ASH on this superb wise-craziness i’m going to give u an award named CRAZE-WISE ASH:-)

  4. LOL!
    Shukar hai meri cousin nhi tum warna HTC HD2 pheenka par jata is bedardi se.

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