Fiddling With My Cell

Man Using Blackberry Phone

Fiddling with my cell,
Pretending to be busy,
That I don’t care
That I am texting
That I have a huge social life,
While others around me
Talk and laugh
Enjoy their life
I hear them cracking jokes
I hear them giggle
I hear them laugh
While I pretend to be busy,
All alone by myself
But inside…..
I know I have no work
No friends to text to
No friends who’ud reply me
No social network
No life
I look at ppl around me
How they can mingle
Talk about things
And laugh upon them
I look at how new strangers
Become good friends
With just one glance
How a new person
Fits in so well
While it takes me ages
To fit in, to find a friend
Its very surprising to me
How people socialize
While I puke
At the very thought of it
And that’s why I am
Fiddling with my cell
Pretending to be busy

*wrote this poem when I went out on a party where everyone around me were enjoying and I couldn’t fit myself in with the exaggerated talks and fake smiles, So I texted a friend hoping we could have sms chat and time would pass by, But got not reply….

So I started writing a poem HAHA…*

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6 thoughts on “Fiddling With My Cell

  1. Pehli baat ye k gae kyun thien aisi party main aur dosri ye k Akon is also single these days 😉

    • It was a family occasion of a very close relation. The so called “mehendi” where all everyone would do is GOSSIP and give smiles on the faces….and soon as that face turns around, there is a

    • oh and Akon did ask me out but I kinda wanna be alone 😛

  2. uzma

    what an awful friend.did nt reply u..very bad…

  3. Writing about things or rather poetry can really help sometimes when you got no one else. good work. I can relate to it. 🙂

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