The Art Of Pretending And Faking

Sad Girl Pretending To Be Happy

Of everything in this world,
I have learnt the most is,
The art of faking and
The art of pretending

It’s a beautiful art you know
And an important one too
Frankly, it would take ages
To learn this difficult art
But my life was a good teacher
So I learnt this art quickly

Faking a smile on your face
Pretending to be happy
And the world is such a fool
To fall into the trap
No one questions if you are sad
No one tempts your pain
A complete privacy of sorrow
And freedom of isolation

Oh how wonderful it is
When they think you are happy
How wonderful it is
When they get jealous
Of how joyful your face looks
With all those smiles
Boy oh boy how jealous they get
Wishing they could be as happy
While inside you are actually smiling
But on successfully fooling them

The art of faking a smile
The art of pretending to be happy
Is what I have learned the best
From my teacher, who I call “Life”

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6 thoughts on “The Art Of Pretending And Faking

  1. so touching and beautiful! Thanks for this amazing poem, impressive and georgous!

  2. uzma

    wonderful poem πŸ™‚
    but i think in world every one pretending and wearing a mask over their real face and emotions.

  3. brilliant work! and I totally agree it takes a life time to master it! πŸ™‚

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