The Man In His 50’s…

Father Son Bonding

With all due respect, I don’t know if I should be writing this at all but if I didn’t write it, it was definitely going to kill me. So to whom this concerns and related, my apologies before hand.

A while ago, I saw this man in his 50’s. He was someones Husband, someones Father, someones Brother and someones Son. To me he was a complete stranger just as the rest of the people in this world are.

Yet there was something about this man in his 50’s.

His eyes looked empty but there were a million things he was looking back at. His memory was striking a million memories of his past with every second. There were regrets, there were sorrows and there were hard times too. Then there were those moments from his Youth when life seemed so different. And then there were those happy moments of the giggles of his children when they were toddlers.

Life changes and it changes us.

This man in his 50’s has seen so much. So many hard times. So many hard decisions. So many Regrets. So many steps on an endless road.

His skin was wrinkled yet its amazing how much warmth it was vibrating. His body was weak yet its amazing how much strength it was reflecting. There were so many problems yet its amazing how much peace his personality was transferring.

His face had a mysterious calm. The calm that indicates that there is a storm ahead. His eyes radiated love and it was impossible to find how much love he was holding inside for his loved ones. His soul though a little wrecked was still standing tall.

The man in his 50’s is,

Someone I hardly know.
Someone I truly admire.
Someone I greatly respect.


Someone I hardly know but is a Father Figure.

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2 thoughts on “The Man In His 50’s…

  1. Another excellent piece by lady Aisha

  2. awesome piece, im glad you shared with us..:-)

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