Weird Stuff I Like

Weird Stuff I Like - By Aisha

Here is a list of things I like and when I tell this to my people, they look at me with the are-you-kidding look or they look at me with the usual awe-yewk-that’s-so-gross look or they just think I am crazy. But I find it totally normal.

1. I like the smell of new plastic stuff. Reminds me of my childhood when my parents used to bring toys for me.

2. The smell of yeast. OMG I simply love the smell of yeast.

3. I like half cooked and half raw chicken or meat. It totally tastes delicious and whenever I cook I usually take out a few half raw chicken/meat pieces and enjoy them while no one is watching. lol.

3. I like half-cooked and half raw macaroni/noodles. The taste of raw flour can simply not be explained. Again whenever em making them, I eat a lot of them while they are still on the way to cook.

4. When its cold and everyone starts switching on the heaters, I love to switch on the AC and the fan and make it extreme cold.

5. I love to eat ice cream when its chilling cold. This is not weird and 90% of the ppl in this world love to do this, don’t they? *looks doubtful*

6. I like to wash my hands or do the dishes with cold chilling water when its chilling winters because I am too lazy to wait for the hot water and then mix both of them.

7. I like to look at the sky for hours and hours when I am all alone.

8. I like to sleep with lights on. And if I am to share the room then I need enough light to see each and every object in the room.

9. I simply and most profoundly love to be in my sleeping pajama all the time because its cozy.

10. I love salt and em a salt addict. I eat the same amount of salt in one day that a person would consume within a week.

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5 thoughts on “Weird Stuff I Like

  1. So all this proves that you’re not normal. *strange*

    • It proves that em totally normal 😛

      • Really? and what about point nm 2, 3 and 10 ?

        • I recommend that you try point # 2 and 3…Em sure it will change ur perception forever.

          • *Girl in veil*

            All the things u shared ash r quite normal and yes u r right that what we usually like r mostly tagged “weird” by other people but that doesn’t mean that they don’t do any weird stuff. They do such things but don’t have enoygh courage to share openly. I also like seeing stars and sky whole day if no one is around, i like the smell of newly photostated paper , i use to take bits of uncooked meal and when ever my mother catch me doing it …..u know naan MOTHERS 🙂 and a lot more silly things i usually do daily and but Categorize them normally HABITS;-)

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