When You Fall…You Get Hurt…

Dark, Sad, Angel, Emo, Fantasy, Lonely

When I was small,

My mom used to hold me close in her cocoon.
She would keep me safe and protected.
I felt she was over protective and I hated it.
I used to see my friends play and run in the mud,
while their mothers chatted at the tea parties.
I would tell my mom that I wanted to play in the mud too.

She would tell me , 
“When you fall, you get hurt.”

I didn’t understand why she did that to me.
For once I wanted to be on my own.
Free from her protection.
Not have her around me to hold me when I was falling.
Play and run and never stop.
For once, I wanted to Fall.

Then I grew up,

I got my own wings and I wanted to fly
So I broke off her cocoon
The world looked so different
It looks so much more beautiful
I had wings and the horizon was my reach
And there was nothing that could stop me

I didn’t understand
Why my mom said,
“When you fall, You get hurt.”

So I ran and ran and flew and flew
And I came so far away from home
I got tired and I wanted to go back
But I had closed all doors for myself
I wanted someone to hold me now
To hold me in their cocoon

And then there came someone
And That’s when I fell

And now I know
Why mom said, 
“When You Fall…You Get Hurt.”

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4 thoughts on “When You Fall…You Get Hurt…

  1. wooww!! so deep and beautiful.. 🙂

  2. dmmaseoseoseoseo

    Pretty subtle post. Never thought that it was this simple. Kudos to you!

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