O Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo

Bloody Love Red Evil

O Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo. 

How I wish you were here by my side. But wait, you are always there. Always right in front of me. I see you walk in and walk out everyday. Sometimes you look at me, sometimes you don’t and sometimes…. you look and you ignore…. 

Such sweet sweet pain has thou given me O Romeo from which I can neither run away nor walk on.

The sky flow above me while the earth stands still. The Sun comes up but yet the night remains. The birds sing but I hear only silence. The waves of the sea no more dance. The clock I see is moving and yet the day doesn’t seem to pass by.

What a failure it is by my soul that I see you everyday, Talk to you everyday and yet not see you and not talk to you how I want and how it was once. 

This world, the sky, the flowers, the sea, the sun and every details I can think of are the same as they always were but nothing remains the same for me O Romeo. 

Deny me this fact and deny me the reality that you exist not for me. It has torn my heart and too much of blood has already run out of my body. Now I await you. Let out your hand towards me and take me to the unreal world of my imagination where at least My Illusion and My Hallucination will be REAL.

O Romeo, Romeo Wherefore Art Thou Romeo….
My Imagination, My Illusion And My Hallucination….
O Romeo…. 

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