And Thats How I Find A Reason To Smile

Find A Reason To Smile

So when you lose something important to you, that means the everything to you, it feels like the world is falling apart. Feels like there is no reason to stay alive and there is no reason to smile.

Definitely we all face such situations in life.

So here is my trick when I find myself in a situation when I have lost something so important to me that I find myself melting into the pools of pain. You can try it too.

Think about one thing in life that you still have and which means a lot to you. Something that you consider as the best gift of your life. Something that is special. Something that you can’t think of losing.

For me, it is my 6 months nephew.

Then ask yourself this question. If you were given a chance to Trade “that something/someone” in exchange to what you have lost. If you were given a wish that you could get back what you have lost in exchange for “that something/someone.’


For me my nephew means a lot to me. I can twist my face and make noises and would probably dance the “jingha lala hu” dance to see that one small smile and hear one little giggle from him. And when he does smile and giggle, it makes me feel so happy.

Whatever I have lost in my life, although it was so much important to me, I know that what I have is still more important than what I have lost.

So the bottom line is?

You may have a huge reason to cry and be sad, but remember there are million other reasons to smile and be happy for. If you have lost something important, you have something more important that you would never ever give up to get what you have lost.

If you cannot give up something in exchange to get what you have lost, then you definitely have something more important than what you have lost.


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2 thoughts on “And Thats How I Find A Reason To Smile

  1. uzma

    but nothing can replace the emptiness of that something or someone we have lost….

    • If I cannot give up one thing from my life to get back what I lost, then it means what I have lost isn’t as important as that which I have at the moment…..

      We all are silly….. We waste time crying and complaining over minor things that we dont have….And We fail to realize the greater things we have…..

      Ask yourself “WHAT DO YOU WANT.”
      Then think about your parents, your friends or anything important to you….

      If God asked you that you have to give up your parents and then you can have whatever you want, WOULD YOU DO THAT TRADE?

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