Its Been So Long…I Have Forgotten How I Even Looked

Girl Looking In The Mirror

Its been so long that I looked myself into the mirror…
That I have forgotten how I even looked.

So long… 

There used to be a time when looking into the mirror was so much fun.

I could look at the peace on my face that I got from giving away that candy to my friend.
I could feel the freshness on my face that I got from sleeping for long hours without anything in my mind.
I could see that spark in my eyes that I got from getting a kiss from my mom.
I could see the blushing on my cheeks that I got from having been appreciated by my dad.
I could see the happiness and sweet sweet serenity within my soul because I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

My reflection looked so beautiful, so calm, so peaceful, so compost, so full…..
But that was when I was little. When the i was within the cocoon, within the shelter of my own world. 

And now,

Sleepless nights have turned my eyes black. Constant troubles have destroyed the peace on my face. So many losses and so many problems to think about that I can hardly feel any happiness. The freshness is gone, because I haven’t slept for so many nights. Having been demoralized for my failures and accused for the things I have not even done has totally taken the spark and blushing.

My reflection looks so ugly, so restless, so scary, so weird, so pale, so empty…. 

And thats why,

I Stopped Looking Into The Mirror. 

And Its Been So Long Now,
That I Have Forgotten How I Even Looked 

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2 thoughts on “Its Been So Long…I Have Forgotten How I Even Looked

  1. *Girl in veil*

    uff, what’s this ash, etreme feelings ,heart touching no doubt but after a long time im reading that much glooomy piece of poetry of urs:-) pic is really ……..

  2. Raw one this. Great image you’ve used.

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