A Bleeding Wrist Bleeds Much More Than Just Blood

Bleeding Wrist With Red Blood

A bleeding wrist bleeds much more than just blood for it is not just the blood gushing out through the veins. The cut on the wrist is someones only way to let go of the pains inside of them. The only way they can see and the only hope they are left it.

It is,

A bleeding wrist of unfulfilled desires,

A bleeding wrist of crashing hopes,

A bleeding wrist of lost passion,

A bleeding wrist of intense failure,

A bleeding wrist of unbearable agony,

A bleeding wrist of growing darkness,

A bleeding wrist of shattered emotions,

A bleeding wrist of untamed fire,

A bleeding wrist of extreme loss,

A bleeding wrist of crazy feelings,

A bleeding wrist of uncontrolled weakness……..

A bleeding wrist bleeds much more than just blood. But when it bleeds, it takes away one life and shatters the life of those associated with that blood.

How far can you go in your selfishness to free yourself from your pains but leave people behind with shattered life and forever tears?



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5 thoughts on “A Bleeding Wrist Bleeds Much More Than Just Blood

  1. RIP me

    this totally speaks how i feel right now… i dont have anythin more to giveto this world or the people in it… i am broken.. totally broken… messed everything up all over again… waitin for death to come take me away baji..

    • Thats fine. We all feel the same way when we mess things up. And we all mess things up coz if we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t learn anything anymore. We will be weak and we wouldn’t know how to handle unexpected strange problems.

      Life doesn’t move on a fixed platform. It takes rough roads and our messes only teach us how to move on those roads.

      Death is coming to you for sure. But the question ism, will you wait for it and do nothing, or will you rather DIE FIGHTING BACK?

  2. uzma

    quite true..i m confused that people who do so whether they are weak enough or brave enough…coz still cutting ur life with ur own hands need a lot of courage n guts!!
    and apart of the blog the picture is AWESOME!!!

    • I guess I would consider it as the WEAKNESS of your control over your mind. Because once you lose that control over your mind, your mind is free to plot its own games and make you do things.

      Just like a Wild Horse. When your are riding it and you have control over it, it will do what you say and go where you want, but if you don’t know how to control it, it will so what it wants and take you where it wants to go.

  3. girl in veil

    uggh shivering………spine chilly cold pic is too much ash…. altough very appropriate to the tilte,the rest is very good the way you explained the phenominon so true what uzmi said but i know why uzmi liked the pic………..i know uzmi very well hehehehehhe.;-)

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