The Flowers Will Bloom….. Someday

Dried Red Roses

Working in the same flower shop and facing each other everyday must have been the hardest time. When everyday I know that I will see him and that he will ask me how I am and that I have to lie to him yet again today that I am fine and most of all, when I have to give that fake smile to make sure he doesn’t know I am lying.

Still more hard is to know that he is going through the same, giving same lies and same fake smiles.

This was yet another one of those days, when the bell on the door rang as the customer came in.

He goes around the shop looking at the flowers and reaches at the counter where the owner stands and says, “I see you don’t have much flowers in your shop.”

“Yeah! Its sad that the flowers did not bloom much this season else we have the best flowers,” Replies the owner while I spray the remaining flowers with water trying to make them look fresh and while He removes the dried ones to make them look good.

“Oh! Its really sad to hear that.” Says the customer, “Sad indeed. But someday, Flowers will bloom and your shop will be filled with real roses.”

As he walks off from the door he looks at me and then at him and then back at me and says, “Flowers Will Bloom….Someday.”

The bell at the door rings again as he goes off.

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