Encounter With Paranormal Entity – Yet Again

Haunted Shadows In The WoodsYet Again???

Yeah well I’l skip the details about the paranormal entity in our previous house. But if you are interested, leave a comment and I’l make a blog on it.

Just for the record, yes in our previous house we did have paranormal entity and we had to go with the exorcism to get rid of them coz they were becoming mischievous.

Anyway, so a few days back it was 3 A.M and I was still on my laptop working on a blog for my site – Glamzzle. After finishing the blog, I went straight to my bed. I always play a game on my cell to put me to sleep. So I started with the usual game.

While on my bed, I heard a sound from the kitchen. Like someone popped open a lid of a can or something. Then there was a sound of switch like someone was switching something on or off.

Now I knew that the next morning I tell this to the people in my house, they would be like “Oh it must have been me, I wanted water” or “Yeah I went to the bathroom.” So I got up from the bed.

First thing I did was tie my hair b’coz I have heard that such things get attracted to hair and my hair being long enough were a good temptation LOL……

I went to the kitchen to see if someone was there….NO ONE….
I check the bathroom….. NO ONE…

So it was definitely non of the family members…

I went again to the kitchen again and looked around…. There was silence….

I started returning back to my bed and soon as I turned around there was another round of sounds….Like things clinging to each other…Someone hitting something….

I turn back….. Then there was silence again…..

Then I return to my bed and go to sleep….

Now a couple of days after that, now that a few others felt the same thing happening and finding the AC on when we return home to find when we did close it off when we went out, The AC getting switched on and off on its own, We contacted a person to find if we had someone staying with us….


We just found out that we are not the only one living in this house…..There is another WHOLE FAMILY in the house….

Oooooo em so excited…. I’l write back if something paranormal happens again although they are not much troubling…. But my excitement continues….

I wish we wouldn’t go for exorcism. I em too excited for all this..lol


P.S: This aint no story…. every word is true….

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