Random Thoughts From My Oven – Part 2

Random Thoughts By Aisha

So I hadRandom Thoughts From My Oven before. Here are some more thoughts from my oven and I think em going to make this a weekly thing or something.

hmmmm…. yeah it would be good… πŸ™‚

But…. if you don’t like it 😦 ??? well you might as well just don’t read my thoughts then πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›Β 

Here goes:

1. I wish all the garments company would realize how ITCHY AND SCRATCHY it feels to have a label on your collar shirt. I mean seriously it scratches your neck ALL THE TIME and most of the time when I pull it off Β it damages the stitches and tears the that part off.


2. Can you hallucinate to the extent that you actually see creepy creatures running here and there around you?

3. If Rapunzel had so soo sooooooooooo long hair, what oil did she use? Did she have split ends? Did she trim her hair?

If you liked this question you may want to read “Life Is Not A Fairytale.” My ironic and sarcastic review on stupid fairytales.

4. Scientists spend years and years researching and then come up with some findings, but how is it possible that “That Finding” is already present in the Quran. And if you go through Bible, Psalm And Torah you will also find traces of that finding.

So why do scientists waste so much time? Just pick up the book and there you have it :S

5. If it hurts like hell to wear heels, why do women wear them at all when they know they have to walk a lot?

6. Vampires drink blood…Hmmm…. Can they differentiate between the bloods they drink for aids, cancer etc?Β 
OMG this totally gives me an idea for a new blog….. If you are reading this….HIGH ALERT…CHECK BACK AGAIN SOON… you’l love it….

7. There is probably a paranormal entity (ghost, spirit..watever u want to name it) sitting right next to me while i write this, and probably next to you too while you read this.

8. Our elders say that they learnt a lot from their failures, that they learnt from it and got succeeded, that they know better and their experience could actually help us be successful…DAH…..

A. Why can’t we learn from our own failures?
B. Wouldn’t we be exactly successful after failures?
C. Why did you learn from your elders experience instead of failing?
D. If you knew better, so did your elders. Question C AGAIN.

9. The noise of 2 steel objects clinching like spoons, utensils etc can actually make your body hair stand and give a butterfly in your tummy effect.

10. Currently I am thinking of what my 10th thought will be.

**still thinking**
***and still thinking**


hush hush go away now…… no more thoughts….


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One thought on “Random Thoughts From My Oven – Part 2

  1. uzma

    its really ur scrapyard!!!!!

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