Random Thoughts From My Oven

Random Thoughts By Aisha

Here are some random thoughts that came to my mind while ……. obviously while DOING NOTHING….. you thought while working??? DUH…. FYI you forgot em a very lazy person…. why would I even think of w-wo-wo-woo-rrr-worrrr- Nevermind…. Even saying it is so much work…lol

Gosh you guys talk so much…. Lets get to my thoughts…

1. “Dark” is the most beautiful color of our life? Like you write better in dark mood or dark subjects. Dark images always speak more. Dark Chocolate is definitely way more tastier than normal chocolate.

2. If we never lost anything in our life, we wouldn’t be able to value it.

3. Things that you get easily, lose its value easily. But things you get after a lot of struggle, are more valuable.

4. Life is just like a roller coaster. You start off slowly. Then you gain speed. Then you go through the ups and the downs. Then there are some loops that will give you goose bumps. And then it comes an end. The only difference is, life’s roller coaster keeps going in the same circle until the final end comes.

5. If I were to define work, I would….. Nah I wont…. My mommy said not to use bad words… lol

6. Whatever you wish/dream in your life. You actually do get it sooner or later. The only thing is, it comes in a different wrapper than the one you wanted it in to be. You only have to accept the difference of the outside and you will find the inside same.

7. You can paint your heart over and again to hide the cracks, dust, spots, scars, patches etc. But it will always gradually start peeling off.

8. When you are sad upon what you have lost. Just look at all the million other things that you have and cannot live without. You will realize that you have more reasons to smile than to cry.

9. Sometimes, crying can actually make you stronger.

10. I am stronger until I have my problems and pains shared within me (with Allah). The moment I share it with somebody, I fall weak.

11. I hate reality shows specially the Indian Crap because there is hardly any reality in it and everything looks so fake, practiced and over acted.

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8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From My Oven

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  2. ahmadkhalifa

    absolutely amaaaaaazing, i like most of them 😀

    • Thank you so much for liking it 🙂

      • ahmadkhalifa

        they are great thoughts 😀 i share almost the same thoughts 😀

        • Oh I could definitely make out from your blogs. You have a great style of writing and sense of humor.

          • ahmadkhalifa

            me :D? that’s so nice of u 🙂 what have u read for me so far 🙂 ?

            • hmmm. Okay let me do it the correct way, by “Liking” your posts 🙂

              • ahmadkhalifa

                hahahaha 😀 that would be awesome 😀
                i will do it the same way 😀

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