10 Things I Hate About Exam


1. How it always has to come around at a time when its my birthday, my cousin’s wedding, my boyfriends first music performance, a party at a friend’s place or just when my family decided on a family vacation week.

2. One or the other notebook is always going to be missing. Oh yes this is the same notebook in which I wrote all the important topics sure to come in exam. *How sweet.*

3. There is no Google around :( . Even when I draw a Google search engine box on the paper and click on “search”, it doesn’t work :( . *I guess the network is bad.*

4. It has to come over and again every 6 months and…… point number 1 again.

5. The look of my teacher will change into blood cold smiles as if some higher authorities have all of a sudden given them a Samurai Sword along with permission to slaughter anyone on any minor mistake and are ordered not to leave any possible chance of slaughter.

6. My teacher/invigilator will wish/welcome me exactly how a slaughter house would wish/welcome the cow and try to make me feel as if nothing is going to happen while behind my back, they are probably sharpening their Samurai Sword. The answer sheets are the hay and grass that they want us to fill as much as we like because…… in the end….WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE….

7. My invigilator always has to be that tall, muscular built, stone heart and sharp octo-eyed female teacher who can see every move we make and count every breath we take and probably also knows what we are thinking about her while my friend will always have a handsome, lenient, soft heart and sexy teacher who would keep her class light and happy.

8. The before exam feeling : OMAGOSH! I Dont Remember Anything.
The after exam feeling : omagosh! I Am Going To Fail.

9. There will be so many choices in the questions and once I pick one question and start writing it, I will realize the other one was much easier but going back to the other would be a waste of time so I have to go on with this one.

10. When I reach home all exhausted and frustrated due to my worst exam day ever, the first question my Mom will ask me is, “How was your exam?” to which I have to simply make a one statement answer of “It was okay” because the truth is going to open the gates of the dam and let the flow of questions that I do not want to answer right now.

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One thought on “10 Things I Hate About Exam

  1. Moiz Sheikh

    hahahaha really they are the most true situations and happenings 🙂 and i have to face it again in some days 😦 how bad

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