Nobody Knows Me!!!


I have heard this statement a lot of times before, seen sarcastic and deep meaning pictures illustrating so but never had i thought about its depth…

I am just a little confused and more than that shocked to find myself in a state where i can truly relate to this small yet emotionally black and strong statement of 3 words…

Why do i feel so related?

Honestly, more than related, I find entire truth of my being in this statement when i say “Nobody Knows me…”

*thinks about everyone she met in her life*

Nope…No one that I have met in my life knows me… Sometimes its good but sometimes all it does is add to your confusion… Because of all the people that you meet, nobody knows the exact you and thats very disappointing and shocking…

When I sit back and think about my actions, words, behavior or attitude, I cannot seem to find any of them guilty… Yeah Yeah I know you may think at this moment that everyone calls themselves right and I am doing the same here… Being remorseless…

But I am not a commit-a-crime-and-run-off type of person… I am rather a thinker of my own actions and words…Every once in a while I stand my actions and behaviour in my own court of justice to see if they are guilty or not… And often and most often they are dismissed free of charge and guilt…

The ground upon which i get dismissed free is because I am just a little different, think different and behave different… I speak right instead of making a lie just to impress or flatter someone… I choose to be true rather than coaxing or cajoling…I tend to keep a fair distance when I am socializing and I do not appreciate getting too personal because that keeps me comfortable…And I definitely do not like it when people tend to become too friendly with their too flowery words and too exaggerated attachment for no reason…

On these grounds, I do not see myself guilty anywhere…

But yet, I am enforced to think and feel guilty in matter far worse… To the extend that no one likes to talk to me no more because they think I am too obscured or I like to play the mystery game… They tell me I should just be left alone and that even if I am around them, the entire place  ends up complaining on me…

Sometimes it feels like em some sort of a ugly and ferocious monster … Coz soon as ppl see me, thats exactly what their reaction is like… Or if someone is strong enough to stay, they see to it that they just remain silent so as not to provoke me…

I am confused definitely confused and even more confused… And right now I am SCREAMING OUT LOUD silently inside my head… There are questions that are flooding and I find no answers…

Confused I am…But not on my part… I am confused on why is there just not even a single person who understands me just the way I am… I am not a rocket science… I am easy to read and easy to understand and far more easier to understand than others but no one does,


Nobody Knows Me…

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10 thoughts on “Nobody Knows Me!!!

  1. uzma haider

    aisha dear in this world a person sometimes not even able to understand his own self..that what he wants actualy??… how can any one else can KNOW u….i think human beings r just nt able to understand each other..

    • Yeah but when people call a circle by the name of rectangle, u know those ppl have analysed you just the opposite….

  2. mustansar

    when you start to forget yourself at the same time people know you

  3. “i’m not a rocket science” is brilliant. wish more things were that simple.

    • Thank You for reading. Its strange how we all can totally relate ourselves to blog of such genre.

      • *Girl in veil*

        hi ash,we call ourselves “easy” that is the basic difficulty for people, they can only search the unique and difffernt and never try or even think, to read no one will ever understands u fully, and at every stage of life u find a way in a form of person to go with this idea that “no one knows u the way u r “but this one knows me a bit of my “trueself”. 🙂

  4. It is we ourself who stop others from knowing the real us, we build a wall around us.

    • True but I guess no one will be able to understand the real you as much as you know yourself.

      • Well that’s true its never going to happen.

        • Please check your spam folders in comments. WordPress loves to consider me spam :(.
          I commented on one of your blogs, so it must be lying in there. Unspam it and also frequently visit your spam folder as some good comments may get spammed.

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