Do You Find Your House A Monster Land?

Are you one of those people who find your house and everyday environment a place full of DANGER at every step and every nook and corner? Do you see everything around you equally risky and dangerous and is every living day just like living an adventure?

Do you happen to fall into accidents a million times everyday??? Do you make/ run into accidents and mess everything around you???

Does all of this make you a silly laughable person for your family and your friends??? *sad*

Well, fear not. Because you have a professional person who specializes in this field…I have been living in a monster land, have been attacked and injured several times, and survived…*giggles inside* ….

To begin with, its very important to realize that no matter what you do and how careful you TRY to be, there is certainly no way that you can avoid it.

So how to avoid being laughed at and made fun of? The best way is what I call ” Clear The Crime Scene, CTCS” …

Lets begin with everyday dangers and accidents that we meet… and how to over come it…


You will find these monster present near every place of liquid filled vessels…. These monsters are very smart, quick and possess the power of hypnotizing you…. As soon as you come near a cup full of juice, tea or coffee whether its your or not, whether you are just picking it up or keeping it down, the spilling monster will quickly hypnotize you and will make you spill the cup around you….

NOTE : These monsters gain more power when the cup is around a very important area such as your assignments, laptop, mobile, useful notes etc.

How to Deal with this :

As soon as you come out of the hypnosis and gain back your senses, the first step is to REMAIN CALM…
Grab a nearest piece of cloth, dab in water and clean the entire area…
Use a blow drier to dry the entire area…
Use stain remover if needed…


These Cups And Glasses monsters have the power to move… and not to mention they are very smart and quick as well…As soon as you place them on table, they remain there silently playing dead….but just when you are about to pour anything into them from your bottle/jug, THEY MOVE AWAY and all the liquid goes splashing outside the glasses….

How to Deal with this :

*same as 1*


Whether its your main gate, main door, or any door, cupboard door,  dressing drawers or any drawers, they are the monsters always on alert… And one of the MOST FEROCIOUS AND DEADLIEST BEATS who are present in every path of your house….

Whenever you try to use the drawer or the gate, these beats ATTACK you and will CLOSE RIGHT ON YOUR HANDS OR ON YOUR FEET giving you an immense pain and torture…

How to Deal with this:

When you are attacked by one of these beasts, try not to scream…this will only invite your family members to laugh at you…. keep the pain inside you and soothe your hurt hands/fingers/foot with a soothing balm or ice….


These are just 3 of the  Dangerous beings of your house, But there are plenty more… Plenty more that i faced and I shall disclose them to you soon enough….

To Be Continued……

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2 thoughts on “Do You Find Your House A Monster Land?

  1. Soul

    Tumne ek aur monster ka zikar nhi kia

    • Its to be continued, so there are more coming up…. and if your are talking about ME, then you haven’t understood the blog actually… 😛

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