First Step To Being A Good Muslim…

We all undergo age, situations and times that make us realize where we truly stand as a Muslim.

Some of you, may be content and satisfied with where they are standing and where they are heading. But some of you, like me, may be guilty, discontent and feel lost when they find out where they are standing.

For those of you who feel guilty, discontent, confused and lost,Β At this time, you might start wondering and questioning what you have made of yourself and what have you done toy ourself. We panic and start thinking hither thither of what to do and where to hide. But there is no hiding from Allah, isnt it? He knows what we disclose and he knows what we hide in our heart.

We forget that when we were giving for our school exam, we asked Allah to help us, when we were going for job interview, we asked Allah to help us,when we wanted something, we again asked Allah for it…

So why not now???Β Now that we are guilty and feeling lost and somewhere in our heart there is a spark of reforming, why not now??? That spark is a very good sign. And if you have that spark, you know you are still not completely lost.

Ask Allah to help you and ask him to guide you towards the right path. Asking for guidance is the basic step you take and this step is the base upon which your entire Construction of a Good Muslim will build on.

Its written in many places in Quran,

” Allah gives guidance to those he wishes to and leads astray to those he wishes to.”

Indeed if we keep asking him for guidance, inshaAllah he will not only guide you but will also bring you out of darkness. Because he says in Quran,

” And Allah pulls you out from darkness into light and the devil pulls you out from light into darkness.”

So when you find yourself lost, know that Allah is right there, ready to help. All you need to do is call him to help you and keep calling him everyday and every moment so that he may shower upon you his blessings and his guidance.

The road to Success of this life and hereafter begins at the very step when you call Allah to Guide and Help you, for what better guidance and help can be other than Allah?

May Allah guide us all to the right path. For we certainly need his guidance on every step of our life.

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4 thoughts on “First Step To Being A Good Muslim…

  1. mustansar

    u r right ….

  2. Moiz Sheikh

    copying it into my group

  3. My name Aysha and what you wrote there it’s true and inshallah I will go through the right path because right now I sometimes feel I don’t know who I am one minute I pray and read quran then the other minute I stop. I would like to be a good muslim with good grades good future. inshallah
    Please help me.

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