Solution To Every Problem – Total Submission To Allah

Having been through a lot of phases in my life where I have been sad, happy, glad, guilty, proud, aggressive, pessimist, optimist, faithless, faithful, wrong, right, hopeful, hopeless and the list goes on with words and their opposites…

So having been through all those phases, having had experiences, meeting people and being in certain situations, has made me learn a lot of things…

One of the most valuable things I have learnt from my past life is that the Solution to every problem is just total submission to Allah…

What do I mean by that??? lol patience patience patience… I em just about to tell you that…
Sometimes when things go wrong, we just rush onto concluding that Allah did this and that and we start asking him questions and we think he is brutal and that he want us harm…

But thats where our faith falls short and weak…

Because if we know and if we have complete faith in Allah, whatever happens, we will simply react to that matter as ” Allah will do better…Allah always does the best…Allah will make everything right…” If you understand this concept, you will clearly see that such faith will not only make you strong in any problem but also no matter how big the problem is, it will always be tiny for you.

Total submission?

When I say total submission what I mean is putting 100% faith and trust in Allah… A total submission of your faith and trust in every decision and work of Allah…

When you have such trust and faith in Allah, even if you face the most difficult problem, trauma or tragedy, you’l know that Allah is working up something even better for you…If he is taking something, he will inshaAllah give you something even better than that…

All you need to do at the time of difficulty is to have patience and know that Allah is there and he is inshaAllah going to make everything okay…

I know sometimes we just fail to understand why something happened, like if our loved ones were taken away, or if our house went on fire, or all of a sudden we lost everything…We tend to question Allah’s mercy…

But what we do not know is that in every act of Allah there is his intelligence … Ofcourse we fail to know because where our intelligence ends, Allah’s intelligence begins… His ways are mysterious…He is the mastermind with a perfect master plan… And we do not know about it until it is revealed onto us at the relevant time by his command…

Bottom line???

If you are in a problem, when everything around you is crumbling down, when things that you plan go wrong, when you fail to understand, JUST KNOW THAT ALLAH IS THERE… He is working on a plan thats even better than yours, better than you can even imagine, because he knows whats best for you and whats wrong for you…

so whenever you feel surrounded by any problem, the solution of your problem is total submission to Allah… Say to yourself that everything will be fine inshaAllah… And that Allah will work something better for you…

Its Written in Quran :

” Ask for help with prayers and with patience… Verily Allah is with the ones who are patient…”

I hope that helps 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Solution To Every Problem – Total Submission To Allah

  1. mustansar

    what can i say….we all say this but we can’t do…..but we have to do this

  2. Lulu

    Does all this apply to one who has gone through a massive trauma or traumas and is going through this alone, they REALLY can’t turn to ANYONE, not friends or family? And they are in a mental prison?

    • Hello Lulu,

      As you must have read the blog name, “Solution to EVERY problem,” so frankly this applies to everyone. A person with millions of friends around or a person all alone, a person who owns million $ or a person who owns nothing etc.

      Because no matter how many human help we have, we are nothing without the Help Of Allah.

      So if you have any problem, ANY problem, no matter what it is, if you submit yourself to Allah, you will find your problems smaller and fading away.



  3. z

    will i have to wait all my life patiently.. im only 25 😦 .. im afraid i ll lose my patience.. please help me

  4. Belen Kabrick

    Thanks.thats a lengthy and in depth article but full of useful information

  5. Meg Chaobal

    Was just referred to this link, looks interesting. thanks

  6. Allah is any problem sol in in the god my any prob sol in allah

  7. farva

    Thanks for Sharing…….I have 100% trust on My Allah……he loves us more than any thing…plz do pray for me too….

    • InshaAllah… That trust will take you on the flight of your dreams. But remember, sometimes you might have to fly low and there may be turbulence too, that’s part of flying…Embrace it and live it.

  8. Isn’t it amazing how every person at some point in their life has to face their limitations and frailties and helplessness, whether they admit it or not. For me this in itself is proof of Allah in the life of every single human being. I am myself going through an unhappy/testing/anxious phase of my life. It’s not easy for me because I was born a pessimist, and this blights my view of things, and it is a real struggle to raise hope that things will work out. Just last week I was in a situation where I had to demo a product that I knew had many glitches. The days, hours, minutes leading upto this event were anxious and painful. The journey down I was somber. My thoughts were that whatever Allah wills will happen, and it might not be what I want, it might be very bad for, but whatever happens I have to accept it. I tried to flip the thoughts by asking for Allah’s help, but it is always difficult for me to think that it will be all right. As it turned out I was OK (just about) at the event. I was of course grateful to Allah, and knew that I had failed to put my trust in Allah (yet again). But my problems are huge, I get it from all angles. No sooner is one hurdle over (or crashed into) the next one comes along. Despite that, and I have to tell you the worst part the day for me is waking up and realising this big old world is still open for business, there are moments during my zhikr when I am filled with a sense of utter peace descending upon me. When this happens I actually try hard to make myself feel anxious and worried but the peace prevails. I do not know if I would ever feel that way if I were not going through these trials. I hope these words are of use to someone. Please pray for me.

    • You know what, For many years now, I have been faced with problems on the come and go sort of a routine. Just like you said. One problem exits and another is waiting at the gate. But I have been told many times that Allah puts hardships on the one he likes. May be he likes the way we ask for his help, may be he likes when we call him.

      There was a moment in my life when I too got depressed with all the problems then my mom in law told me that Allah must like something in me that he chose to put me under tests. And then it did occur to me that I only cry in front of Allah late at nights asking for his help. I stay strong in front of people, I laugh and I show that I am okay, but at night, I fall on my knees in front of Allah, I show him how weak I am and I cry asking for his help.

      And in the end, he has always been there for me. All the hardships are worth his blessings and help and the gifts he offers.

  9. OA

    Mashallah such a lovely blog and well written … It’s so easy to say I put my trust in you Allah 100% you are the best disposer of affairs but then the test comes and the real belief in what you is when you walk that tight rope with patience and hold on to Allah waiting for his call and inshallah that’s where you find peace from Allah from all the endurance and patience and you realise all along it is only Allah subhanah wata Allah that you need.

    As salaam alaikum wah rehmutallah wah barakahtuh

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