Introduction : My Favorite Lines In Quran And Why.

So we all are learning to translate Quran on our own from Dad who MashaAllah really knows the best way to make you understand how to read Quran and translate it on your own.

We are doing Surah Baqra and about to finish soon InshaAllah, while we take one Surah from the Amma  Para and have completed last 25 Surahs from it.

Dad says the most difficult and new words appear in Surah Baqra And in Amma para. So once a person has learnt those words he will be able to translate the rest of the Quran on his own as the words then repeat through out.

Also as we are doing the translation, Dad also tells us a little about why so and so has been said, or the background of it, so its pretty interesting.

Whats this introduction all about?

Well, while I was doing the tranlation, I realized that Quran has been so beautifully written and its also fun and interesting to read what is actually written than just reading it. The way its written, the words of Allah and most of all, the way Allah has questioned in the Quran before giving out the direct answer are all so interesting.

And there are some lines in the Quran, that really touched my heart so much that while my Dad taught, I used to get emotional to the extent of tears filling my eyes. ( HEY, i controlled myself….didnt want my family to laugh at me 😛 )

So I decided I’l share my favorite lines from each Surah that have touched my heart, that are my favorite and that which I most admire with the reason of my favoritism.

I’l keep updating a Blog whenever I find a favorite line in that particular Surah, so keep checking back in.


– Simply aiSha

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3 thoughts on “Introduction : My Favorite Lines In Quran And Why.

  1. kewl can’t wait. 😛

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