1.My Favorite Lines in Surah Baqra


The first line I am going to share is,

” And we put over you shade of clouds and we gave you Mann And Salwa, Eat pure things from what we gave you, And we did not harm them but they were themselves putting harm on their own self ” {2 : 57}

Why I liked this line was because, c’mon thats so true. Allah is not the one who harms us, but we are the ones who put harm on ourself with our own hands.

The more background of this line that speaks of shade of cloud n Mann O Salwa is that Allah pampered the Qoum of Moosa (A.S) to a very extent. His pampering was so much that they were given food without having to do any work. They used to be given grains and quills everyday with which they could food. They were asked not to store food since they would be given fresh everyday. They were also given clouds upon them which would shade them. At the time of birth, the kid was sent a cloth from heaven which would grow as he grew up and The cloth would never even get dirty.

But what happened? They were filled with questions and doubts and started storing food incase Allah didnt give them food next day. The food started getting bad and rot and lead to spread of diseases.

Hence Allah said, we did not harm them, but they were those who harmed themselves.

“Maker of sky and land/earth, And when he decides on an order, he says to it “BE” and it happens. {2:117}

I just like this line out of no reason. it just looks so cute. Allah says ” BE and It Happens.”


“Indeed we have seen the raising of your face again and again towards the sky, then surely we turn you towards your Qibla (direction), that you are pleased with. ” {2:144}

This is again one of my favorite, MOST MOST favorite line out of no reason. I just liked it alot when Dad first told me about its concept.

Every Prophet, was given his own Qibla( direction) of prayer. So whenever Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) used to stand for prayer, he used to raise his face again and again towards the sky, waiting from Allah the order of his own Qibla.

Hence Allah says to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) that I have seen it, and now I turn you to your Qibla which pleases you.


” …..and maybe you hate something and it is good for you and maybe you love something and it is bad for you.and Allah, he knows. and you, you do not know.” {2:216}

and so its true…we do like things that are bad for us such as smoking, drugs, excessive fast foods, busy behind this worldly life…All these things only harm us in our health and in our deeds…. and things that benefit us, we dont like them…


” They ask you about drinking (alcohol) and gambling.Tell them, in both of them is great sin and there is benefit.. And sin in both of them is much greater than its benefit…..” {2:219}

Allah clearly states that drinking and gambling is an act of sin… He also says that there is benefit in both of them…This benefit is referred to the worldly benefit…

Talking about alcohol…in a state of alcohol a person forgets all about everything and enjoys a trance state of isolation…. He is worry free… But alcohol has his bad effects on body…. And since it is Haram, it is a direct sin….

Talking about gambling… Generally if we see, when a person gambles, he may win some money…. his greed for more money makes him gamble more and there comes a time when he loses everything….

Hence a short term profit/benefit in the worldly life…. But the loss/sin in both of them is much higher…


“………..these are the people who invite you towards fire, and Allah, HE invites you towards heaven and forgiveness by his command. He presents his proofs/verses for people so that they may wonder/think/remember.” {2:221}

The people here pointed to are the non muslims and the context in which this is said is Marriage of a muslim with a non-muslim…Allah does not allow us to marry a non-muslim… and further says that they are the ones who will invite you towards fire…But Allah invites you towards Heaven….


“The example of those people who spend their money in Allah’s path is like a Grain, from which grows 7 Sumbul*. In every sumbul grows 100 grains. And Allah, He doubles on whom he wishes. And Allah has wide knowledge.” {2:261}

basically Allah is talking about those who spend their money in his way… Their spendings is like grains and from each grain grows 7 sumbul* and from each sumbul* grows 100 grains… on one grain he gives you 700 grains….

* When I was first reading and translating, the Sumbul was translated as a SPIKE or a small rooting that comes out…But on a little research, this is the meaning i got,
Sumbul = The musky root of an Asiatic umbelliferous plant, Ferula Sumbul. It is used in medicine as a stimulant.


That would be all for now…. Please check back in for more updates….

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