What It Feels To Be, ME

Hail to the vicious circle of life
Hail to the vivid thoughts of mind
When you know you’re right
When you know what you fight
Its the power of your self
Keeping you just alright
But you are loosing the grip
Deep down your inside
you fight forth tight
for the things that you like
for the morals that you stand
for the  things that happened
choosing the right way
trying to work it out right
fearing if you fail
then coping your fright
reaching for the new sun
pushing past the dark night
walking step by step ahead
aiming for the perfect flight
whatever you wish for
whatever you dream of
ever growing D-E-S-I-R-E
screaming for a ceasefire
every step worth a mile
every mile worth the step
nights singing you lullaby
sleep like you never slept
turn to your threshold
its empty,its dead cold
a little drop of faith
a gallon of fear
a little crack of smile
a million of tear
still going on through the ride
still holding on tonight
stronger than yesterday
standing firm today
waiting for tomorrow
But you dont really know
What it feels to be
What it feels to be

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3 thoughts on “What It Feels To Be, ME

  1. irfy

    very nice indeed.

  2. hi you look talented gurl!!!!l. actually i need some help in writing a poem for my very best friend (girl) me n her are buddies just want to make her feel special but i donno if you are the right one coz ” u dont like friends i suppose” so just reply as soon as u can with ur help

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