Reminisce To Past, Anamnesis Of A Person – RIP

This was back in 2008…. I joined on August 17, 2008….A social networking website…. on September 4, 2008 I was in staff… Since then a lot of things happened… I started off as a junior moderator and made my way to Super Moderator….*yay me*

As time passed I had known all my staff members….. on the forums, the staff was strict and up to point, but back at the Staff group, we were all nit picking each other, pulling each others leg and having fun…

Of all the staff members, There was Fahad, and Foosa and Wiki and Abaid and we would all make fun, encounter users, get abused by users and so on….

Yeah sometimes, and most often we were scolded byour head staff member, Co-Admin Rajput for always being lazy and talking off topics or when we made a mistake… But we had some great time…

On May 23, 2008, Taha Aka Tabanian joined Stop.Pk and on September 16, 2008, he was a part of the Staff team…

Tabanian was a witty, humorous and smart guy…. excellent at maths… not much of a talker with girls but had a great taste of words and choice…

On chat, Rajput and Tabanian would usually team up and start nit picking on me… and sometimes they really used to go outta control *smiles*…. they would every now n then ban me from chat room for no reason and I used to get furious over it… and if I ever did it, I used to get bashed * poor me* lol

Then we reached the msn…  And when two or more staff members were online, we would have combined chat and again the nit picking, fun, humor would continue….

Tabanian And I were never friends….Infact we were not even on eachothers good books I guess LOL….Just people who met on a website but we had a lot of talks… We discussed a lot of things and I came to know him as a really cool person….

I still remember his msn name “ Kissing 2 ltr of Pepsi” …. He loved cold drinks… And he also used to make me jealous by saying ” Brb, pizza delivery is here” and i would be like ” oh c’mon man DONT TELL ME PLZ” ….

Then we both had some vibes against eachother and didnt talk much….

By the end of 2009, most of the staff choose their own and had their own priorities, either work or education or whatsoever and hence most of us left the staff…. Some were intact on Msn, while some went out of touch….

Tabanian’s Last Login on was November 27, 2009….

On April 13, 2010, we were all shocked with a topic made by Tabanian’s friend… It came to us with the devastating news that Tabanian had lost his life….On 6th March 2010 he was shot by a Mobile Snatcher….

The news struck us like millions of invisible nails driving through us…. Rajput and I were on Chat at that time and neither one of us knew what to say….

My mind was numb and my body crumbled behind my unconscious mind…. It was late at night and everyone at my place was asleep…. but i wanted to scream…. my mind was so numb that even though I wanted to cry, at that moment, I was just Still….

Rajput and Tabanian were a lot more closer and he knew him so much more than me… The pain and shock I was in, was more for him….but all I could tell him was ” I’ll talk to u later”….

That night was unbearable…. Shock, Pain, Tears, Pain, Shock, Numbness, Shrieks,Pain….

And now, even though a lot of months have passed, I still visit his profile page…even though its insane, I leave a comment… I email him…

And when i read my topics and blogs on which he had replied, the nit pick he did, the comments he made, every damn thing he said and every damn emoticon he used, makes me want to cry….

And at night, when all of a sudden, his memory strikes me, tears roll down my eyes… To think that once he was with us and now he is not…. It makes me crazy and insane and I lose my mind….

My mind still hasnt accepted this… And all night long I have to force myself to accept it, but I cant… I want this to be a part of a prank… I want him to see how much he is being missed… I want him to come back… To see how much we still think about him….

Even though its been months, I cannot forget him… I still cry and the night when his memory strikes,I stay awake all nights thinking about it, hodling my pillow tight and crying….

It makes me crazy to think that while I lay on my bed, He is in his grave….And then I pray that Allah would make his grave a piece of Heaven, forgive all his sins, and grant him Heaven by Allah’s mercy…..

And I pray that Allah Rests His Soul In Peace…

Miss You Man…. You have left us all in a state of trance and shock and tears and memories for the rest of our life…. You shall always be missed…. *sob*

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6 thoughts on “Reminisce To Past, Anamnesis Of A Person – RIP

  1. I pray too cox those whose time has come cant be stopped…and ths lyfe has alwayx been going such ruthless to us…may u be patient in remembering him and God grant us all patience and may his soul rest in peace

  2. ayesha saad

    It was heart touching dear i also felt a numbness in my heart i know no one can go back in time to fix things as they should be ,may Allah rest his soul in peace n console ur soul as well.stay blessed ALLAH HAFIZ

  3. Its fantastic as your other content : D, regards for putting up.

  4. Nell Cheak

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  5. Deirdre Devara

    Keep up the fantastic piece of work, I read few posts on this web site and I think that your weblog is real interesting and holds lots of fantastic info .

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