Journey To Death

*wrote this poem after imagining my death and how it would effect others, soon after they got the news of my death and then after time has passed*

I wonder,
I think,
The sail of my life,
Going to sink

It makes me curious,
To think how you would react
Would you beleive my death untrue
Or would you swallow the bitter fact?

I wonder how my death would
Make you want to smile and laugh
For to some of you i was bad and evil
I hurt u a lot and broke you often half

I wonder ,would you silently say
“ah the bitch is finally dead.”
Would you secretly smile and enjoy
While you gaze me upon my death bed.

I wonder how you’d celebrate
Would you go to our common friends ?
Would you forward the news by saying
The monster finally meets her end?

While i know perhaps some of you may
But i begin to wonder some may not

I wonder if you would be hurt.
And cry thinking about me someday.
Would you cry even if i had hurted you?
Would you think about me when you lay?

Would you forget all my bad and evil?
And remember any good of me.
Would you miss me when you see me gone,
And wish you had just one last see ?

Would your heart feel any heavier,
When you read my blogs, sms and e-mail?
Would you smile at how arogant and moody i was?
Would my silly jokes now make you pale?

I wonder if you would,
While scrolling through the msn page,
Pause where my name still stands,
And read my very last personal message.

I wonder, I think
Slowing the run
My journey to death
Has Already Begun

A few words from me đŸ˜›

Wrote this poem when I thought about my death and how everyone else would think…. It was very fascinating to think about how different people would react to it…

Some of them, who think i am a rude, evil and monstrous person, might laugh off about my death….They will share this news with my common friends with a laugh and say stuff…. I guess there would be more person in this category….

Some of them, really SOME OF THEM, who think i was nice, or on whom i had an impact, for whom i meant something, for whom i meant everything, what about them? They would miss me and would shed a tear or two when they thought about me….

The best part about my poem, which i personally love is

I wonder if you would,
While scrolling through the msn page,
Pause where my name still stands,
And read my very last personal message.

I must have had some personal message written on my msn…. which would be my last personal message…..and it would remain that way forever….. It would be so fascinating how you would look at it after a couple of days and remember me….Think about me…Miss Me….and Miss me more…..

Think about me…Miss Me….and Miss me more…..

Would you?????

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3 thoughts on “Journey To Death

  1. uzma

    already missing u yaar:( u know…hate u..

  2. ayesha saad

    hamesha mujhay kisii ka apni death k baray main kehna acha nahin lagta aur tumhara bhi nahin laga but still i think we have to be prepared ourselves for it.thora ziada serious comment hogaya hai but it was heart touching:-)

    • lol chill it…. u myt read this poem after i die and then she a tear or two in my loving memory đŸ˜›

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