Best Embarrassing Moments…

before i begin let me tell u that i had always been the kind of gurl who was scared of embarrasing moments….because in a co-school and co-college a single up or down could make ur reputation burn in flame and make u the laughing piece of school…..

this fear always kept me locked in a glass box…..until time passed and i learned sumthing very fascinating…..


my embarrising moments that turned the best:

1) i guess i was in 8th or 9th grade
……it was recess time n guys would form gangs and sit on the stairs that leaded me to my class….i was on my way to canteen when i stumbled, tripped over the stairs and landed upon the floor….

i looked up and out of no where there were people everywhere…..everyones eyes gazed upon me and i felt dumb lying on the floor…..soon everyone was laughing at me….

it was embarrasing…but i started laughing along with them..i seriously did….i would hav laughed if sum1 else was in my place… i laughed imagining me…..

as i laughed, i realized i had sprainned my foot… without even bothering to get up, i sat on the floor relaxing and started to rub my sprainned ankle …the people who were few seconds back laughing at me came up to me inquiring about the damage….they picked me up…held my hand…took me to my class…..

to my utter surprize….when it was time to go home….people actually came forward to carry my bag and leave me to my car …. for the next few days people came in to ask if my ankle had recovered….

2) this wasnt embarassing but i will write it down here because i want people to know that sumtimes being embarassing is really kewl…..

i was in metric and the group of frnds were all having a great time and were laughing at top of our voices,enjoying the recess……we were outside the class…..

just then there was a crack of a joke which was so damn funny…..everyone was almost screaming with shrill laughters….. (now i hav this habbit that when i really laugh alot, i usually sit down due to….ERR I DONT KNOW….i just happen to sit out of extreme laughs…..) what i did was, i sat on the ground where i was standing while laughing loud…..

this scene was sumthing strange for everyone… added to my frnds laughter……

and tho it was so ajeeb and embarrising but everyone who saw us and me sitting on the floor came up to ask what the joke was…. they kinda all liked the way i was….free to enjoy the life…not bothering how ppl would think……

3) now this happened a few months back

i was out in the mobile market with my bro… buy me a mobile…. It was a posh market with sophisticated ppl around 😛

and we were in one of the shop when my chappal broke …… this is really very embarrasing but this happened before once and i did what i did then…….

instead of letting the people look at me dragging my foot to walk, i picked both the chappal in my hand, LAUGHING AT MYSELF, and started walking with absolutely no traces of embarassment…..i started enjoying my walk bare footed as if i were on a picninc…..

people looked at me……yup they did….they smiled…..thier smile wasnt cold…i could feel them look right up at me, thier smile giving me a sign that i am still wearing the same confidence…….


Moral of the story:

no matter how embarrising any moment gets, all u need to do is MAKE THE BEST OUT OF YOUR EMBARRISING MOMENT AND ENJOY IT……people laugh at u because you make yourself look dumb……IF U SHOW EM THAT U CAN LOOK GR8 EVEN IN SUCH SITUATIONS, they will admire you……..

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3 thoughts on “Best Embarrassing Moments…

  1. M Abdullah

    a the third one is same like akshay did in namastey london and it seemed really good…he did nothing as if was not at all a embarassing situation…well dis one seems to be good lesson pointing the second incident and i too love to do what i actually wnt to without even bothering about the ppl

    • Well i havnt seen Namastay London…. so i cannot say… but yeah life is too short to think about what others are thinking…. so simple theory is , say “WTF MAN lemme live this life” 🙂

  2. hahaha you know i completely agree with the moral of the story 🙂 or atleast my father does.. i once wore the most painful pair of heels to my sisters graduation and halfway through the ceremony i was in tears of agony…. i couldnt take it anymore and i jst took the shoes off and stuffed em in my bag…let me tell u this was in one of the most posh universities in karachi and everyone was decked up in their finest. and there i was roaming around barefoot, taking pictures, mingling with my sisters friends, and just having a good time. and u know what? no one even noticed 😀 hehehe

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