Unknown Abyss

*this was written by someone for me, I guess….so I am putting it up here…. I named it Unknown Abyss…. because its something that is indescribable and whose depth cannot be measured…..something good and bad in its own way….*

The day I wake and stare in this mirror, I see the world is a fake.
I don’t know whats a stake of me being here but I just want to separate.
From the people make upset and angry, the pain is too much to take.
I keep it all to myself, locked in this cage its what I call my own state.

I exhaust myself from reading these words,
every line seems like endless blur.
But what is worse I hold onto every word,
its like a promise that I cant seem to deter.

I just want to put it all back into reverse,
relive my life to what it fully deserves.
Im healing my wounds, don’t need a nurse,
love is back in heart thats what I needed first.

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