The Known Stranger On My Road

*This blog is dedicated to my known stranger…*

When my walls weakened and my bricks started falling off, thats when he came and stood by my wall. All he did was stand there, Stand there as a stranger and I looked at him like the many other strangers who stood by this wall for a moment or two and went away.

But he? 
He stood there for long. And longer than he should have. And never realized, he became a pillar to my weakened wall. I became used to his being around.

Still a stranger, he somehow managed not only to hold the wall, but slowly he strengthened them to their basis.

The wall that could crumble on a slight breeze, he made it strong enough for the storm. And not only this, he even prepared it for everything that could and would come ahead. So much that now, no matter what forces of the world strike, it will stand firmly and face it.

And then he made it strong enough to stand by itself, Without anyones help, Without HIM.


Strangers crossover roads and may meet or stay for some moments, but ultimately they go away to walk their own roads. And so did he.

That stranger, still is and still stands…. On the same crossing…. In the same way…..

And when he said, ” We were always stranger who just knew each other”, deep down in my heart, I knew he was right.

And thats when I called him “Known Stranger”

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