To Sleep A Sleep Of Peace

We all sleep daily..We all experience Sleep.. We all have been asleep for a moderate amount of time in life..

But how many of us Really sleep???  Not Me.. And as a matter of fact, I haven’t slept for almost 15 years or more even for once..

What is this sleep that I talk about?

Sleep is not a soft bed with a soft pillow and a warm blanket… Sleep is not a pillow I can tightly hug myself with.. Sleep is not a dark room with a dull fade yellow light.. Sleep is not a cold room when it is hot outside, or a warm room when it is cold outside..

Because I have all this every night and yet I find myself wide awake all night, all my life.

Sleep is when you have the peace of mind.. Sleep is when you lay on your bed and you are not thinking about anything stressful..

Sleep is when, Your mind is free from all the stress of the world.. No bills, no exams, no last date of assignments, no job interviews, no money problems.. When you are not thinking about how to raise your kids, or make your husband/wife/family happy…

Sleep is when, Your mind is free from questions..  Free from “Why did this happen, why did she/he leave me, does he/she love me, Am I lost, Does my feelings really matter, Why does the world hate me/look down on me, Why did God do this, Why does this life have to be so harsh, Which path should i choose…” AND THE LIST IS ENDLESS…

Sleep is when, Your Mind is  free from emotions.. Free from missing somebody so badly that you can hardly stop thinking about him/her, when you are not feeling played, when you are not feeling betrayed, when you are not experiencing a break..

Sleep is when, Your heart is free from pain.. From the pain of heart break, from the pain of losing a person, from the pain of being alone, from the pain of being far, from the pain of having lost someone..

Thats When you have the Real sleep… A sleep with no worries on your mind, no hurricane of questions in your mind and no storms of feelings in your heart.. When your mind is at rest and your heart is full of peace..

Such is a Sleep that I wish to Have..

A sleep in which, when I lay on my bed after a hot night bath, All I think of is the mild soft and fluffy feel of the warmth of my blanket and the touch of my pillow.. All I feel is the tinkling feeling of  water drops, still on my hair and the mild fragrance of the perfume..  And as I am surrounded with such thoughts, the sleep slowly takes me away..


Such is a the sweet sweet sweet sleep that I wish to sleep..

Wherefore thy ask thee
Wherefore thy ask’th
Oh sweet sweet sleep
I softly call’th
Come to me
Come this day
Sing me a lullaby

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6 thoughts on “To Sleep A Sleep Of Peace

  1. Saad

    Very nice post

  2. uzma

    such peacefull sleep is not possible in this life..

  3. ayesha saad

    i agree with u ash , a human being is able to do what he wants n blissful n peaceful sleep is for the one who always try to make others comfortable

    • if a person truely devotes himself to Allah, i think such sleep is possible….. but we r running after the worldly life… sad

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