Passion For Circuits

Ever since childhood when my dad used to fix any electronic appliance, I used to sit beside him and assist him and irritate him with my questions like “whatchya doing,” what does this do,” “whats this button for?” etc.

That was an early stage of my interest in circuit boards and wires and nuts and bolts and screw drivers.I always did a postmortem of any appliance b4 throwing it away.I would open up my toys or any home appliance to see what was inside.

The Biggest And Surprizing day of my life:

Ok this was back in those days when getting a computer meant checking our budget LOL…We had a Computer,( we still had it even though we got new and better ones. Even when we shifted to laptops. Due to our emotional attachment. Bro would say “ I have brought him up”). At that time that computer was expensive. Time passed and the computer started getting stuck up n all. But my bro was always there to somehow fix it up and get it started.

Then my bro had to go away for a while to complete his education and he wouldn’t be back before an year or so.

THAT’S WHEN OUR DEAR COMPUTER WENT DEAD. Dad declared “ Throw it away. Its life is over.” We told bro about the sad news and he agreed that it should be thrown out and we should get a new one.

So I took the tool box and started doing its postmortem.
Oh it needed some puffing and blowing too.

Aaah those pretty wires. Ok some wire here and some there. Oh this one should better go in that socket. Then I noticed the RAM. My bro had many other RAMS in his closet. So I brought them in and tried to place them inside. Tried some combinations which best fitted.


I took a few steps behind. I was gonna switch it On.

I knew I could end up in some BLAST since I had messed the wiring and the Rams so I asked my sis to stand IN ALERT in case the main electric switch was to be shut off.







I WAS SPEECHLESS. Surprised and shocked and happy and clueless. I called dad and mom and they were like WHAT THE HELL DID U DO????


When I Told my bro abt it, he asked me to restart the PC and tell him a few of the details. When I passed the details to him, HE WAS SHOCKED AND TOLD ME “You have actually started the PC with double the memory.” Seemed like the RAM combination I did increased the speed of the PC.

And I was like *BLUSH* *BLUSH*

PS. I recently had some errors in my laptop and I even opened it. Did something here and there and the ERROR WAS GONE.

I call all this Coincidental Intelligence From Mere Stoopidy…


But the good part is I can now try to fix almost minor electronic devices at home, change plugs, fuses. Learnt to fix switch boards. Open laptops. Service laptops on my own.


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